The world is ready for a change.

An illusory world with materialistic foundations sooner or later comes to an end. The truth always has the last word.

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About Populapp

The new social network. The new age. The mirror of reality

Populapp is an app based on the truth without filters, masks, anonyminity, or secrets. What you see in Populapp, is what we are as a society. Every interaction, comment and votes are under your responsibility.

Our Progress

Ready for a next generation

Social networks became gradually more complex and they have lost their mission.
We are simple but with a clear mission.
We are here to show the truth, to generate empathy among people and to connect them a bit more to reality.

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Populapp does not serve to generate virtual relationships, but to improve our relationships in the real world.

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Providing a new way of interacting

Fast & Simple

Populapp is simple and easy to use, intuitive like no other.


Now you can evaluate your day-to-day interactions in the real world.


You can share your status with others, this will give you great opportunities.


You can evaluate anything in Populapp.


Populapp is lightweight, does not require a powerful cell phone, and anyone can use it.


Totally different from anything you've seen before, the world is ready to change.


The founding team! Here we are!

Enzo Rafael Paredes


I sincerely felt the need to create something different, for instance, a social network that is not a mask. I wanted a reflection of reality, so we created Populapp.

Alejandro Felipe Paredes


When my brother offered me the chance to develop Populapp, I thought it was a crazy idea. That was the reason why I was fascinated by it and decided to be part of the project.

Dmitry Vansovych


I really believe that Populapp is an incredible project. Something different, innovative. The world was waiting for this, and we made it possible.

Shin Songhee


The first time i tested Populapp I was so excited because it would be part of our lives. Populapp will give us the opportunity to be better persons in this society.

Other features

A beautiful design and an attractive interface.

Populapp is simple and easy to use. It hasn't got a complex interface. Not previous knowledge is needed.

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A notification will let you know if somebody votes, comments your post or interacts with you.

Update profile

You can update your profile whenever you want.


Totally free, no cost, no fees.

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If you want to be part of this new generation, you are welcome to join us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Populapp?

Populapp is an application based on reputation and status. People can rate different interactions, posts and actions.

What is the different between Populapp and others Social Network?

Populapp tries to show you the truth. Populapp does not have filters, anonymity or secrets. All you see are real people interacting, giving opinions and sharing their lives with each other.

Is Populapp free to use?

Populapp totally free. We have advertisements in app, but not in an annoying way.

How was populapp born?

The idea of Populapp emerged in 2018 after observing the complexity of social networks. More and more elements overshadow their simplicity. We wanted to do something different: simple and real.

Can everyone see what I post?

Yes, everything you publish is public. Everyone can see it, that's why you should be responsible when publishing something.

What are the interactions?

Interactions are moments that can be rated. These interactions arise when you spend some time with people.

What happens if I do not want people to rate my interactions?

You can easily disable interactions in the settings tab.

Can I change my username?

No, usernames are unique.